Tourist tax

Milan, like many other cities in Italy and throughout the world, has established a Tourist Tax for tourists and visitors.

The amount ranges from €. 2,00 to €. 5,00 per night, according to the type, class and number of stars of the establishment.

The establishment must issue a separate receipt, or indicate the amount paid for the Tourist Tax within the invoice.

The staff are bound to provide all necessary information on exemptions from payment of the tax.

In 2015 the 50% reduction of the tax for visitors staying during August will not be applied.

Revenues from the Tourist Tax will finance actions for the preservation of the city’s artistic heritage and for the improvement of services for all tourists.

The Milan City Council
Rif.: D.C.C. del 11/6/12 n. 19; D.G.C. del 21/6/13 n. 1222


The following are exempt from payment of the tax:

  1. Under 18-year-olds
  2. Under 30-year-olds staying at public or private non-profit youth hostels with social, educational and cultural ends
  3. Helpers of patients hospitalized in the Milan area
  4. Patients continuing medical treatment in the Milan area after hospitalization
  5. Visitors staying on after the 15th day of permanence in:
    – Residences
    – “Holiday Homes” run by non- profit organizations
    – Houses and apartments for holidays (from June the 14th, 2014)
  6. Armed Forces and Police Personnel in Milan on duty
  7. Under 26-year-old university students staying at University Residences
  8. The disabled and their helpers
  9. In case of natural disasters or major events identified by the Administration:
    – Environmental Service local regional and national volunteers
    – Volunteer Associations personnel

Rif.: D.C.C. del 11/6/12 n. 19; D.C.C. del 26/11/2012 n. 56; D.C.C. del 05/05/2014 n. 13