Corvetto Residence for your health

we care of cleanliness and hygiene to give you a safety stay

Professional Staff, cleanliness, hygiene, courtesy always welcome you at Corvetto Residence. We  strict respect  your health, you can enjoy a carefree stay.

For your well-being and the one of our Staff, we operate the provisions of the Authorities in compliance with measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

On arriving, you will find well-marked check-in routes. A clear communication shows you how we organized the distancing and the movement of people in the common areas.

You will see body temperature detector, totem for hand hygiene, our Staff wearing face mask, distance between people. They’re measures we want to use to protect you. In this time of change, we will always be there, ready to help you in all your need.

Upon your arrival, the apartment will have been completely cleaned and sanitized. The linen and the fabrics, the kitchen set and the surfaces will have been treated  with appropriate washing cycles. Also the ventilation and air conditioning system are always purified. The housekeeping Staff are trained on new cleaning and sanitization plans.

During your stay, we ensure the frequency and cleaning standards and the hygiene of the linen as per in your booking. But we will add a strict sanitizing calendar on the surfaces, the handles, the switches, the remote controls and the bathroom in your aparment, as suggested by the Authorities.

To protect your health and well-being, we will ask you to collaborate in our commitment and we do thank you to respect the simple, but indeclinable rules of the house.

Thank you for choosing us in Milan. We will answer all your requests, ask to the Reception or contact +39 02 929 781 and

Join us at Corvetto Residence. We care of you , for your care-free stay.

The Staff